JAIF Socialization to ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) Staff

JAKARTA, 23 January 2018 - The JAIF Management Team (JMT), in collaboration with ASEAN Secretariat’s Program Cooperation and Project Management Division (PCPMD), organized the JAIF Socialization Session for ASEC Staff to facilitate understanding of the JAIF Handbook and Its Supplementary Documents. The said document was recently revised and presented at the 11th ASEAN-Japan Joint Cooperation Committee—Working Group Meeting held on 5 July 2017 in Jakarta. These documents were then circulated among ASEC staff by PCPMD via e-mail on 11 July 2017 for possible reference and usage to facilitate the respective JAIF supported projects.

A total of 43 participants attended the socialization session, which included 30 ASEC desk officers, 3 PCPMD officers, and 10 JMT officers. This was the second of two sessions. The first session was conducted on 7 November 2017.

JMT Programme Coordinator Miyuki Ishikawa and JMT Senior Programme Officer Billy Sumuan explained JAIF procedures and requirements during one of the sessions of the socialization.

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