JMT Welcomes Delegates from Grow Asia

JAKARTA, 1 December 2022 – On 1 December 2022, four delegates from Grow Asia, one of the Entities Associated with ASEAN, visited the JAIF Management Team (JMT) to update on the progress of their ongoing project, Creation and Testing of Learning and Accreditation Programme to Implement ASEAN-RAI Guidelines.

Executive Director of Grow Asia, Ms. Beverley Postma, expressed appreciation for JAIF’s support to the project, which constitutes an important part of Grow Asia’s efforts in bringing together multi-stakeholders to cultivate more resilient and sustainable food systems in Southeast Asia. Ms. Erin Sweeney, Lead, Sustainable Investment & Inclusion of Grow Asia, briefed JMT on the progress of the Learning and Accreditation Programme, which is scheduled to be launched in February 2023 with an initial cohort of 50 participants from the region.

JMT Director Naoki Minamiguchi and Programme Coordinator Miyuki Ishikawa welcomed their visit and thanked for their continued cooperation. The meeting then discussed possible areas for further cooperation between Grow Asia and JAIF.

Grow Asia also visited the ASEAN Secretariat’s Food, Agriculture and Forestry Division to further discuss the project’s progress and work plan.

JMT Welcomes Delegates from Grow Asia

JMT Director and Programme Coordinator (second and first from left) welcomed the delegates from Grow Asia.

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