16th Meeting of the ASEAN-Japan Joint Cooperation Committee Working Group (AJJCC-WG)

JAKARTA, 15 March 2022 – The JAIF Management Team (JMT) attended the 16th Meeting of the ASEAN-Japan Joint Cooperation Committee Working Group (AJJCC-WG) on 15 March 2022. As part of its regular reporting mechanism, Naoki Minamiguchi, JMT Director, presented the status of JAIF and its supported projects, as well as the highlights of JMT activities and achievements in 2021, including the launch of JAIF Video in July 2021. The video has since been aired through various opportunities and platforms, such as the JAIF YouTube account, JAIF Website, JAIF Knowledge Products, meetings, workshops, training sessions, and ASEAN social media platforms. During 2021, JMT further revised the JAIF Handbook to reflect the procedural updates made in the ASEAN Standard Operating Procedures for Project Appraisal and Approval and in the ASEAN Cooperation Projects Design and Management Manual. The revised version is expected to be acknowledged at the 16th AJJCC Meeting.

Moreover, JMT set forth key activities planned during 2022. While continuing its role to support the ASEAN Member States (AMS) and the ASEAN Secretariat along the project cycle, JMT will conduct preparatory work to support the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation which will fall in 2023. Among other planned activities in 2022, the AJJCC-WG was informed about launching a social media account, producing communication and knowledge products aiming to promote the 50th anniversary year, conducting JAIF Coaching Clinic in Lao PDR, updating the Compact Version of the JAIF Handbook, and developing a Strategic Plan for Communication and Outreach.

Concluding his presentation, on behalf of JMT, Mr. Minamiguchi extended his sincere appreciation to AMS representatives and Japanese government officials for their strong commitments to JAIF and support to JMT.

JMT Director, Naoki Minamiguchi (top, right) presented the highlights of JMT activities

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