JMT Provides a Briefing to the Stakeholders of the Mangrove Ecosystem Management Project for the ASEAN Region

JAKARTA, 9 August 2023 – The JAIF Management Team (JMT) attended an inception workshop of the new project Mangrove Ecosystem Management in ASEAN Region and provided a briefing on essential ASEAN and JAIF rules and procedures for project implementation.

The project, which was proposed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) of Indonesia and is being implemented by the Institute of Mangrove Research and Development (LPP Mangrove) of Indonesia, aims to strengthen network and communication tools amongst ASEAN Mangrove Network (AMNET) members to promote sustainable mangrove ecosystem management through the following activities:

  • sharing of good practices and lessons learned on the conservation efforts in the ASEAN region through workshops and an integrated information system for mangrove management activities;
  • development of model sites in Indonesia; and
  • formulation of a Regional Strategy for Sustainable Mangrove Management.

The workshop was attended by the AMNET focal points from the ASEAN Member States, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), MEF, and LPP Mangrove. The Food, Agriculture and Forestry Division (FAFD) of the ASEAN Secretariat also participated.

JMT Programme Coordinator Miyuki Ishikawa (middle) provided a briefing to the workshop participants.

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