Highlights of JENESYS2022 Activities in September 2022

Highlights of JENESYS2022 Activities in September 2022
30 September 2022 -

JENESYS2022 aims to promote mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan, ASEAN Member States, and Timor-Leste, to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation, as well as to encourage an understanding of various aspects of Japan. The project is supported by the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). These are the highlights of JENESYS2022 activities conducted in September 2022:

Hospitality in post-pandemic society: An online program for Lao PDR under the theme of “SDGs Management and Tourism – looking to post-pandemic society” was held on 16 September. Participants were students of Lao PDR university and vocational school majoring in tourism, hotel industry, and business. Prof. Kenta Hiramoto, Graduate School of Economics, Hokkaido University, gave participants a lecture on new knowledge about Japanese hospitality and management methods.

JENESYS Online Program for Lao PDR: About 40 participants from Lao PDR joined a lecture on understanding Japan given by Ms. Andrade Hisami on 9 September. Ms. Andrade introduced about Japanese geography, climate, society, culture, daily life, and many other topics. During the Q&A session, participants asked a lot of questions, such as Japanese traditional sweets, religion, and the origin of Japanese language. The participants seemed having fun experiencing “how to bow” and learning Japanese language phrase.

JENESYS Online Event for ASEAN Countries and Timor Leste: JICE hosted the online event for participants from ASEAN countries and Timor Leste on 30 August. In the beginning, the participants enjoyed some quizzes about Japan. After the quiz session, Mr. Yazawa, Principal Deputy Director, Regional Policy Division, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) gave a lecture titled “50 years of ASEAN-Japan.” Participants deepened their understanding of long-lasting cooperative relationships. It is hoped that the online programme will contribute to the partnership between Japan and ASEAN countries and Timor Leste.

JENESYS Online Program for Cambodia: About 70 participants from Cambodia joined a lecture on understanding Japan given by Mr. Oda Yuichi, Professor of Chiba University on 1 September. Mr. Oda introduced about Japanese geography, society, habits, technology, culture and so many other topics. During the Q&A session, participants showed their enthusiast and asked a lot of questions such as about Japanese election system, education system and environmental situation.

JENESYS Online Program for Singapore and Malaysia: Almost 70 participants from Singapore and Malaysia enjoyed the online lecture of “Japan Today” given by Mr. Kimura Hideo, Executive Managing Director, Strategic International Management Associates (SIMA) on 27 September. All participants listened intently to the lecture such as Japanese history, culture, society, economy, and some SDGs topics. During the Q&A session, many questions such as the government’s plan to increase the population, popular foreign language for Japanese students and so on were asked and answered by Mr. Kimura which further deepened their understanding of Japan.