Viewpoint: Budi G. Sadikin, Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Viewpoint: Budi G. Sadikin, Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia
30 September 2021 -

Minister Budi G. Sadikin explains Indonesia’s strategy for securing an adequate and steady supply of COVID-19 vaccines, the progress of its national vaccination rollout, and approaches to addressing vaccine hesitancy. As current chair of the ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting, he also outlines key regional initiatives designed to facilitate Member States’ recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic and enhance preparedness and resilience against future public health crises.

The Minister states that there are 11 new health initiatives, including the establishment of the ASEAN Centre for Public Health Emergencies and Emerging Diseases (ACPHEED) as the first organisational instrument to manage and coordinate resources and whole aspects of health response. Following the adoption of the ASEAN Strategic Framework for Public Health Emergencies, the ASEAN Public Health Emergency Coordination System (APHECS) programme is developed to support the implementation of this framework. APHECS is a multi-year programme that aims to institute a region-wide formal whole-of ASEAN mechanism to better prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. It also aims to harmonise existing, ongoing, and upcoming relevant initiatives.

Government of Japan provided supports through A Feasibility Study on the Establishment of the ACPHEED and Detailed Design and Preparation Support for the ACPHEED projects which are implemented through Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF).

Read the full interview at The ASEAN Magazine Double Issue August-September 2021, page 6-9.