The First Joint Meeting of the Mission of Japan to ASEAN and the JAIF Management Team

JAKARTA, 10 June 2022 – The JAIF Management Team (JMT) welcomed the officials from the Mission of Japan to ASEAN (MOJ) to the first joint meeting with JMT ever organised since the JMT office was renovated in 2020. Chaired by Mr. Kodama Yoshinori, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission of MOJ, the meeting started with self-introduction of the MOJ officials and JMT members to have a better understanding of the responsibilities of each participant. The meeting also focused on how to improve coordination between the two parties and with other JAIF stakeholders with the view to strengthen JAIF project management and promote Japan-ASEAN cooperation.

After the joint meeting, the MOJ officials conducted a short tour to the new building of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) which was inaugurated in 2019.

As the restriction on the access to ASEC is gradually lifted, it is hoped that face-to-face meetings will be organised more often to facilitate coordinated approaches to the JAIF programme and project management.

Mr. Kodama Yoshinori (eight from left) and his team from the Mission of Japan to ASEAN together with JMT members.

© JAIF Management Team

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