JMT Attends a Series of Trainings on Social Media Management

JAKARTA, 6 December 2022 – The JAIF Management Team (JMT) attended a series of training courses on social media management in anticipation of launching of JAIF social medias. The trainings were delivered in three sessions by PT Kreativitas Ganesha Sejahtera, a communication consultancy firm.

The first session on Documentation, Storytelling and Content Creation was held on 9 November, followed by the second session on Strategy and Content Planning on 26 November. The last session on Analytics and Approaches to Engagement was held on 6 December.

Through the theory and exercises, the trainings provided JMT with knowledge and skills on strategic communication and content creation, not only for social media management but also for enhancing the content of JAIF Website.

JMT attended the session on Documentation, Storytelling and Content Creation.

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