Highlights of the AMEN Project Phase 2 and Voice of AMEN Mentees

Highlights of the AMEN Project Phase 2 and Voice of AMEN Mentees
18 October 2023 -

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (AMEN) Project Phase 2 that kicked off last year. A heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and to our dedicated public and private partners across ASEAN for making this journey fruitful.

Also watch some of the videos of AMEN mentees’ testimonials to know about their story:

AMEN mentee from Viet Nam, Mr. Lai Hoang Du Ong, the Founder of Thanh Giong Computer Company, “Since joining this mentorship program (AMEN), I have been equipped with valuable knowledge, skills and networking opportunities while also receiving quality support and advice from experts. After 4 months of the course, the great value that it brings to my personal and business development is that I was trained in basic business skills. I was able to grasp the key factors to scale up and improve the performance of my business.”

AMEN mentee from Thailand, Ms. Wansiri Nimpitakpong, the Founder and CEO of Prompt Pa Company Ltd.,” After I finished the AMEN course, I learned that we can grow by digitalization. We can improve how we provide our services using techniques we have learned – design thinking, empathizing with our customers and also empathizing with our team.”

AMEN mentee from Singapore, Ms. Marylen Velasco, the CEO and founder of Customized Training Solutions, “Make sure to get into the AMEN program, leverage on the knowledge of the mentors and make sure to also collaborate because it’s not really just about the strategies, the framework and whatever you will learn from it, but it’s really so much more about the network and the potential collaboration that you can get out of it to not only improve your business, but to also be able to support and help improve the economy of the ASEAN region.”

AMEN mentee from the Philippines, Ms. Mary Ann Cabangon, the founder and managing director of Globalistics Philippines, Inc., “To the future AMEN Mentees, take this opportunity to upskill and upgrade for free. Your only investments are your time and your commitment to learning. You’d never know what awaits you and your business after your AMEN journey.”