Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund

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After Action Review 2018

2020 Disaster Management JAIF 2.0

Monitoring System for Irrigation Canal Operation: User’s Manual

2020 Agriculture EEA

Asean Regional Mine Action Center Integrated Approach to Explosive Ordnance Risk Education in ASEAN Member States

2020 Post-conflict: Peace Building Original JAIF

Exploring Mine/Explosive Remnants WAR (ERW) Education in ASEAN

2020 Post-conflict: Peace Building Original JAIF

Situation Analysis Report

2020 SME EEA


AHA Centre Executive (ACE) Programme Batch 6

AHA Centre Executive (ACE) Programme Study Visit Japan 2019

Vamos, San Carlos!

Banjarmasin can, Banjarmasin clean & beautiful!

Phuket and its leading innovation in organic waste management

Episode 1 “Disaster Risk Reduction by Integrating Climate Change Projection into Flood and Landslide Risk Assessment”

JAIF Management Team

ASEAN and the Government of Japan agreed to set up the JAIF Management Team (JMT) within the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta to enhance the effective utilisation of the fund in supporting ASEAN Community-building and integration efforts.