JAIF supports a wide range of activities, which include conducting research and producing publications to help build evidence to promote ASEAN Community-building and integration efforts.

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Comprehensive Industrial Human Resource Development Project

2017 SME EEA

FAQ ASEAN-Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ASEAN-ERAT)

2017 Disaster Management JAIF 2.0

Fifth ASEAN State of the Environment Report

2017 Environment JAIF 2.0

Field Guide to the Plants of the Deer Cave Trail Gunung Mulu National Park Sarawak

2017 Environment Original JAIF

Catalogue and Brochure of DELSA Relief Items

2016 Disaster Management Disaster Management

Affirmations of Hope: APCD/JAIF Project Good Practices on Rural Accessibility in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar & Vietnam

2016 Social Welfare – Persons with Disabilities EEA

ASEAN Guiding Principles for Quality Assurance and Recognition of Competency Certification Systems

2016 Labour EEA

Improvement Rural Living Condition through One Village One Product (OVOP) Movement

2016 SME EEA

Field Guide to the Pteridophytes of Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 Environment Original JAIF

Guide to the Bryophytes in the Limestone Glass House of Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

2015 Environment Original JAIF

Navigating Change: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in East Asia and in Global Governance

2015 External Relations Original JAIF

Accessibility Directory on Community-based Inclusive Development

2015 Social Welfare – Persons with Disabilities EEA

Eight (8) SME Toolkits: Guesthouse, Destination Management, Small Holder Farmers, Restaurant, handicraft, Homestay, Market Vendors, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

2015 SME EEA

Developing an ASEAN Benchmark for SME Credit Rating Methodology

2015 SME EEA

Train for Trainers Manuals on Supply Chain and Logistics Management

2014 Transport Original JAIF

ASEAN Communication Master Plan

2014 Information Original JAIF