Social Media Guidelines for Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF)


The social networks of the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) are managed by JAIF Management Team or JMT (the Administrator) in collaboration with any agency appointed for that purpose.

Content of posts includes information and updates about JAIF activities, programmes, and events, as well as general information relevant to the relationship between ASEAN and Japan.


  1. Responses to comments
    The Administrator may respond to comments as appropriate in order to engage with followers and other users and build trust and credibility. In principle, the Administrator will not respond to comments that are irrelevant to the purposes of the social media channels.
  2. Deletion of comments
    The Administrator may delete or hide any of the following types of comments, without notifying the commenter concerned:

    • comments that violate laws and regulations
    • comments that violate public order and morals
    • hate speech, indecency, slander, and defamation
    • incitement to criminal acts
    • breaches of privacy
    • violation of rights including patents, design rights, copyrights, trademarks
    • comments that are profit-seeking or spam
    • comments that are untruthful
    • nuisance comments
    • comments posted repeatedly by the same user
  3. Blocking of users
    The Administrator reserves the right to block followers or other users who post comments of the types mentioned above.



These policies may be revised at any time, without notice. The Administrator reserves the right to make changes to the service and the forms of the official accounts and suspend or terminate them in part or in whole without notice.


Intellectual property rights over content posted on these social media channels belong to the Administrator unless otherwise indicated. Any information posted may be reused and shared, with attribution. The Administrator will not knowingly use or reproduce any parts of copyrighted work without permission from the owner, in any case where a fair-use exception does not exist.


Followers and users shall not be asked to provide identifying details on social media. If such information is shared publicly, the Administrator may hide or delete the information. Users may be asked to provide such details by emailing the official JAIF Management Team (JMT) email address or calling the official JMT office number as provided on the website (

Consent may be obtained through the use of a consent form when taking photos at events or during planned filming or photography sessions. The form may not always be appropriate, for example when using paid actors or when it is not feasible to obtain consent from passersby. In the latter case, any objections to use of material may be emailed to


The Administrator takes every possible precaution to ensure the accuracy of the information posted. However, no responsibility is accepted for any consequences that may result from action taken by users on the basis of information posted.

The Administrator is not responsible for any damages suffered by any followers or other users or other third parties as a result of any activity or interactions on SNS.

In relation to the content of posts by other parties, while copyright remains with the user, it is deemed that the user has licensed the right to the Administrator to use the content globally.

The information posted by the Administrator on the official social media accounts does not necessarily represent the official announcements and views of JAIF. Official announcements are published on the JAIF website ( and through press releases.