JAIF supports a wide range of activities, which include conducting research and producing publications to help build evidence to promote ASEAN Community-building and integration efforts.

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Train for Trainers Manuals on Supply Chain and Logistics Management

2014 Transport Original JAIF

ASEAN Communication Master Plan

2014 Information Original JAIF

Guidebook on ASEAN SME Staff Exchanges and Internships

2014 SME EEA

Selected Monocot Plants of Northern Thailand and Southeast Asia: A Field Guide

2013 Environment Original JAIF

Beyond 2015: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership for Democracy, Peace, and Prosperity in Southeast Asia

2013 External Relations Original JAIF

APCD/JAIF Project: Baseline Survey Report

2013 Social Welfare – Persons with Disabilities EEA

Training Workshop on Biodiversity Data Organization and Mapping of Taxonomic Information: A Training Manual

2012 Environment Original JAIF

Study on the State of S&T Development in ASEAN

2012 Science and Technology Original JAIF

Surveys on ASEAN Community Building Effort 2012

2012 Information Original JAIF

Common Curriculum for Entrepreneurship in ASEAN

2012 SME Original JAIF

Training Manual on Corals Taxonomy in Southeast Asia

2011 Environment Original JAIF

Youth and Terrorism: A Selection of Articles

2011 Counter Terrorism Original JAIF

Study to Determine the Impact of Accelerating the ASEAN Economic Community from 2020 to 2015 on Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV)

2010 IAI Original JAIF

Fourth ASEAN State of the Environment Report 2009

2009 Environment Original JAIF