Videos are produced by the proponents and implementing agencies as outputs of some of the JAIF supported projects to promote ASEAN Community-building and integration efforts.

Workshop for the Familiarisation of DELSA Stockpile and THE ACT V2 0

PSA General Public International

PSA Private Business International

ASEAN – AHA CENTRE Response to 6.5 M Aceh EQ

Highlight: The Inception Workshop of the ASEAN SDGs FC

ACE Programme Third Batch Graduation 2016

Improving Small Business Competitiveness in Tourism Industry

ASEAN Socio Cultural Community

Public Service Announcement Youth

Public Service Announcement Women and Children

ASEAN Community

ASEAN Political Security Community

ASEAN Economic Community

ACE Programme Second Batch Graduation Ceremony – 2015

ACE Programme Second Batch Humanitarian Logistics Training in Subang, Malaysia