Highlights of JENESYS2023 Activities Reported in December 2023

Highlights of JENESYS2023 Activities Reported in December 2023
31 December 2023 -

JENESYS2023 aims to promote mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan, ASEAN Member States, and Timor-Leste, to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation, as well as to encourage an understanding of various aspects of Japan. The project is supported by the Government of Japan through the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). These are the highlights of JENESYS2023 reported by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) in November-December 2023:

JENESYS ASEAN-Japan Students Conference

JENESYS Student Conference was held to commemorate the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation 130 students gathered from ASEAN Member States, Timor-Leste and Japan, and deepened mutual understanding, and strengthened networks of friendship and cooperation through various programs and discussions under the 5 themes such as “Climate Change and Disaster Prevention”, “Internet and AI”, “Startups”, “Tourism Development”, and “Population Issue.” After the active discussion, participants formally submitted the Declaration of Thematic Recommendations and Action Plans.

JENESYS Malaysia-Japan Cultural Exchange – JENESYS2023 Singapore-Japan Social welfare exchange

Ten Malaysian university students, 8 Singaporean high school students, and 1 Singaporean teacher visited Japan from 17-24 December! They visited Tokyo and Okinawa prefectures.

In Tokyo, they observed the public elementary school classes in Yokohama. They learned a lot by comparing the educational systems and schools in Japan and each country. And they learned about the barrier-free initiative in Japan from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Co-Creation ​with Heart-to-Heart and Trust Mutual Prosperity for ​ASEAN-Japan 50th Year of Friendship and Cooperation

On 11 December, the AJC was invited to do a short program for the JENESYS group that are currently in Japan for the “JENESYS2023 ASEAN-Japan Students Conference”. SG Hirabayashi engaged with about 110 youth from all ASEAN Member States and Timor-Leste and gave a presentation titled “Co-Creation ​with Heart-to-Heart and Trust Mutual Prosperity for ​ASEAN-Japan 50th Year of Friendship and Cooperation​”.

SG emphasized that the collaboration between Japan and ASEAN will accelerate innovation and increase cultural richness while vitalizing economic synergy, educational exchange, expansion of tourism, and finding ways to solve environmental issues together.

The participants are joining our ASEAN-Japan 50th anniversary “Happy ASEAN-Japan 50!” photo message campaign.

Commemorating the 70th Year of Cambodia-Japan Friendship JENESYS Cambodia-Japan Exchange “Japan’s efforts for SDGs”

Ten Cambodian professionals and university students visited Japan from 14-21 November. Under the theme of ‘Japan’s efforts for SDGs’, they had company visits and a courtesy call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received a lecture about SDGs. They participated in a factory tour at EBARA Corporation, which manufactures pumps. They were also introduced to the projects being implemented in Kenya and Brazil to deliver clean water.

Hello! from JENESYS Alumni

Ms. Souphavanh Senesavath from Lao PDR was the participant of JENESYS2015 (Society). She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in civil engineering at Kyushu University.

Her interest in studying in Japan was sparked by JENESYS. During her visit to Hiroshima, she was impressed by the friendly and accepting nature of Japanese students towards foreigners.

Read her full story on the above link.

President Vo Van Thuong reunited with JENESYS host family

The president of Viet Nam, Vo Van Thuong visited Japan and invited his host family, with whom he had spent time with when he participated in the JENESYS Program in 2011, to have breakfast together at the State Guest House in Tokyo. President Thuong had always remembered the hospitality he received from them in the past, and that was the moment when JENESYS truly became a bridge between the two countries. He reiterated the importance of youth exchange and expressed how he looks forward to seeing future exchanges develop even further.

Viet Nam-Japan Cultural Exchange

Eleven students and one teacher of Osaka Prefectural Sumiyoshi High School visited Ha Noi, Viet Nam on 21-28 November 2023.

During the program, they were inspired by hearing about Japanese people who working abroad such as the Embassy of Japan in Viet Nam and JICA.

In the school exchange, they Painted the “Viet Nam – Japan Mural Wall” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Viet Nam – Japan diplomatic relations with students of Phan Huy Chu High School and Nguyen Ba Ngoc Primary School. Also, in the Japanese attractiveness presentation, the students performed the ‘Kawachi Ondo’ in Yukata which local dance in Osaka that they had practiced many times. It was a great event, there were over 300 people there!

Japan-Laos Agritourism Exchange

Nine Japanese university students visited Vientiane, Lao PDR. They exchanged with Laos students and people in school exchange and homestay and visited Laos markets and farmhouses.

At the school exchange, they visited two schools (NUOL and Pakpasak Technical College) and introduced the attractiveness of Japan. Lao students showed them Laos traditional dance and had lunch together at the food court on campus. At the homestay, they experienced Lao home-style food and visited famous sightseeing places (Buddha Park, Thatluang, etc.). They enjoyed Laos culture with the host family.