Promotion of Sustainable Consumption in ASEAN

Proponent : Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Philippines
Implementing Agency : Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Philippines


As population increases, greater consumption of resources follows suit. Now, more than ever, the relationship between sustainable development and consumer protection is becoming increasingly relevant. Consumer protection is about making consumers transact with confidence, by having the right kind information. By promoting sustainable consumption, consumers will be armed with the information to make informed choices, especially on the implications of those choices to the environment.

In ASEAN, sustainable consumption is still a new concept. The 15th ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection Meeting in May 2017 has indicated the lack of knowledge and awareness on sustainable consumption among consumer protection authorities, businesses, and consumers, resulting in prevalent disregard for sustainability from both the demand-side (consumers) and the supply-side (manufacturers/producers). It is against this context that this project is developed.

What is the project aiming for?

This project endeavors to enhance capacities of ASEAN Member States’ consumer protection officials and relevant practitioners on sustainable consumption and its relationship with consumer protection through policy dialogues and development of information toolkits. More specifically, the following are the project’s main activities:

  • Conduct of capacity building workshop on sustainable consumption and its relationship with consumer protection, including developing advocacy strategies;
  • Conduct of forum on the interface between sustainable consumption policies and other relevant public policies as well as the role of different stakeholders; and
  • Development of five (5) sustainable consumption guidance toolkits.

Through this project, Consumer Affairs Agency will continue to develop ASEAN-led forums and sustainable consumption guidance toolkits for the purpose of raising awareness, and we will continue to support the international dissemination of ‘ethical consumption’ as a member of the international community.

Remarks of Director General Takashima, Consumer Affairs Agency, Japan
In the Capacity Building Workshop for the Project “Promotion of Sustainable Consumption in ASEAN”
6-9 March 2019

This project contributes to the Strategic Goal 3 of the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection (ASAPCP) 2016-2025, which focuses on building higher consumer confidence in ASEAN Economic Community and instituting cross-border commercial transactions.

The Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan supported the provision of technical contents and information for the capacity building workshop and observational site visit for consumer protection officials of ASEAN Member States on 6-9 March 2019 in Japan while Japan Productivity Center (JPC) acted as the local implementing agency. A regional forum is scheduled on 29-30 August 2019 in Manila, Philippines.

30 August 2019