J Trust Bank Demonstrated Its Commitment to Achieving the SDGs at the ASEAN-Japan Fair 2023

J Trust Bank Demonstrated Its Commitment to Achieving the SDGs at the ASEAN-Japan Fair 2023
01 October 2023 -

Commemorating 50 Years of ASEAN-Japan Cooperation and Friendship, the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) is holding the ASEAN-Japan Fair which will take place at Plaza Senayan from 29 September to 1 October 2023. J Trust Bank is one of the participants representing a group of Japanese business actors/companies in Indonesia at the event.

On this occasion, with the theme “Better Me for a Better Ocean” J Trust Bank displays its commitment to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals, especially number 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, number 14 “Undersea Life” and number 17 “Partnerships to Achieve Goals”.

Ritsuo Fukadai, the President Director of J Trust Bank, stated that as a global business actor, the bank is well aware of the negative impact on the environment caused by the fashion industry’s development in Indonesia.

J Trust Bank has taken steps to address the issue of textile waste, which is the second largest pollutant in the sea. They have increased the capability of business actors to produce upcycled products from textile waste. Additionally, they are educating individuals and society about the importance of responsible fashion consumption.

Tsunezuka Itsumi, as the representative of the Mission of Japan to ASEAN, has stated that J Trust Bank’s participation in the ASEAN-Japan Fair had a positive impact on the event. J Trust Bank was able to educate the public about waste management, specifically about textile waste in the interest of marine sustainability. Their program was engaging and attracted visitors through the activation of exchanging wearable clothes for upcycling products with attractive decorations, all of which were made from textile waste.