Results of ASEAN Marine Plastic Waste Workshop

Results of ASEAN Marine Plastic Waste Workshop
01 March 2021 -

The Ministry of the Environment co-sponsored with the Indonesian Maritime and Investment Coordination Office on 24-25 February 2021 held the “ASEAN Marine Plastic Waste Workshop”. Its objective is to reduce marine plastic waste and strengthen capacity for waste management through sharing of marine plastic waste efforts in the ASEAN region.

Japan has been supporting these efforts in the ASEAN region, such as support for formulating a national action plan utilizing the Japan-ASEAN Integrated Fund (JAIF), capacity development for waste management, and monitoring at sea as efforts based on the ASEAN Plus Three Marine Plastic Debris Cooperative Action Initiative (APT). In addition, the Regional Knowledge Centre for Marine Plastic Debris at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) was established to serve as a base for gathering and sharing information on marine plastic waste.

Session 1 of the workshop discussed output of National Action Plans for AMS and efforts of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and the support utilizing JAIF and future plans. In addition, efforts of the countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia) that are taking the initiative in the ASEAN region were also shared, as well as how to mainstream marine plastic problem in the policy.

Strengthening Capacity for Marine Debris Reduction in ASEAN Region through Formulation of National Action Plans for ASEAN Member States and Integrated Land-to-Sea Policy Approach (Phase 1) is supported by the Government of Japan through JAIF.